Alonissos Island Sporades Greece


What to eat in Alonissos:


All fish dishes are delicious as most restaurants only serve the day’s catch. The bakery on the right of the main street in Patitiri has delicious pastries. One cannot miss the famous lobster spaghetti dish of Kyria Tasia in her tavern at Steni Vala and her sister’s Soultana desert in the coffee house next door.


The style is hearty rather than overcomplicated. It’s better away from the tourist “chips with everything” areas in the major resorts. Alonissos tavernas generally offer best menus. Portions are usually generous. The excellence of the local wine is a real bonus, and at good prices, so a night out tends to be inexpensive and a lot of fun!

All the markets in Alonissos produce plentiful and inexpensive food. There are small supermarkets well stocked with local and imported food. Feeding 2 people for a week would cost you around €100.

Restaurants and Tavernas are not expensive – you should be able to eat and drink for around £7 per head, and enjoy a really good meal.

Local wines and spirits are good value, and beer will cost about €0,50 a bottle, cigarettes €2 per packet).

The cuisine is best enjoyed at the invitation of a local to go to his house - don’t turn down an invite. Grilled fish or meat sprinkled with local herbs cooked slowly on an outside charcoal fire is always delicious, especially when its washed down with some local village wine. Greek salad is well known, of course, and the souvlakia (meat on a skewer) is always to be found in village Tavernas.

If you enjoy seafood find a local Ouzorea that’s used by the locals and try a meze.

At lunchtime fried Calamari with a bottle of chilled Retsina is wonderful.

Breakfast tends to be light, and of the continental variety. But most tourist tavernas now do full English breakfasts, Omelettes and toasted sandwiches.

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